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La Parità Non Può Aspettare premiata da NC Awards 2024

LaParitàNonPuòAspettare awarded at the NC Awards 2024

TIM's commercial by Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore steals the first place for best TV/cinema campaign.

06/06/2024 - 06:30 PM

TIM came out on top with 'Labirinto’ in the ranking for best TV and film campaigns, at the 18th NC Awards 2024, the annual event that proclaims and celebrates the best of Italian communication, showcasing the excellence of the entire integrated communication and media sector.

This year, the Award, organised by ADC Group, featured 143 campaigns in total, divided between the different categories. The Jury - comprising 45 company managers, advertising and communication managers and representatives of the most authoritative industry associations - was chaired by Miriam Frigerio, Head of Brand and Communication at Sorgenia.

After the Webby Awards, we now have this new award for our commercial by Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore, which was focused on how a woman's path in society is more tortuous and full of prejudice than that of a man. A labyrinth of difficulties, which can however be escaped, with everyone's input.

The commercial is part of the larger project, ‘LaParitàNonPuòAspettare’ (Equality can't wait), through which TIM has decided to highlight the many stereotypes that still need to be bridged to achieve #genderequality.
A concrete way to raise awareness on the need to overcome the gender gap.