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TIM for training the public administration

Under the NRRP, preparing people to prepare the nation.

02/17/2022 - 11:05 AM

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan provides for an extraordinary investment in training for all PA employees with the activation of differentiated, qualified and certified training courses for the over three million public administration employees.

The NRRP 's expected targets in this area are the training and retraining of at least 750,000 PA employees, 350,000 of which work in Ministerial offices, by 2026 and the certification of training results for at least 70% of employees.

Strategic Plan for the Advancement and Development of Human Resources in Public Administration

TIM is a partner of the Public Administration Department within the framework of the Strategic Plan for the Advancement and Development of Human Resources in Public Administration. The Plan offers each PA employee qualified training opportunities that can be transformed into opportunities for salary and professional growth thanks to the new civil service employment contracts.

The aim of this plan is twofold: to strengthen the individual skills of employees and to structurally reinforce public administrations for the continuous improvement of the quality of services to citizens and businesses.

Training opportunities cover all disciplines related to the implementation of the NRRP, not just legal and economic ones, and the development of managerial and organisational skills for all professionals. Topics such as digital and economic administrative transition, social innovation, communication and project management will be covered.

TIM's role in PA digital training

TIM promotes the dissemination of digital skills that are useful for the development of the country and tailors its projects to various categories: people, to help them discover and enjoy the benefits of digital technology in their daily lives simply and safely; businesses, to give strength and support to the digital transition of production; young people to support educational innovation and the integration of new technologies in learning processes; the public administration, to guide the digital transformation of institutions.

Precisely in this latter area, as part of the PA Development Plan, TIM is providing, free of charge, on the Public Administration Department's platform, the PA Digital Skills course, which will provide an overview of the PA's digital transformation by addressing, for example, the goals set by strategic documents such as the Digital Agenda and the three-year PA IT Plan, but will also deal with open data and emerging technologies. The aim is to help promote a real cultural change that will guide public administrations through upcoming challenges.

The content provided by TIM is divided into four modules:

  • digital transformation: introduction to digital transformation; smartworking
  • dematerialisation: organisation of the digital PA; the document lifecycle
  • guaranteeing digital rights: digital citizenship, enabling platforms
  • the challenges of the future: open data and transparency; emerging technologies.

Each module consists of video lessons, video clips, tutorials on practical cases, interviews with good administrations, handouts and a questionnaire.