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Pride Power

TIM paints itself rainbow for Pride Month.

06/01/2024 - 12:01 AM

Once again this year, TIM joins its voice to the LGBT+ communities and takes on the colours of the rainbow as a sign of participation for Pride Month, which will animate the Italian squares with events, debates and parades throughout the month of June.

Inclusion and valuing differences are what we believe in, and the focus of our actions. That is why our inclusion management programme has been active since 2009, and through it we take care of all our people and encourage dialogue and discussion, in order to improve the quality of work and life in the company, and to enable everyone to express their talents to the fullest. And this is why we have recently launched LaParitàNonPuòAspettare (Equality can't wait), to combat the gender gap through concrete tools, alongside a campaign to raise awareness on the effects of gender inequality.

Once again, this year we will support and participate in the Roma and Milano Pride, with many colleagues joining the parades on 15 June (Rome) and 29 June (Milan), and flaunting our colours together with the rainbow.

We look forward to seeing you at the event scheduled for the Roma Pride and the Milano Pride, to connect under the banner of inclusion.