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TIM e IDMO contro le fake news

TIM at the "Fake news: instructions for use" event

This event is part of the Media Literacy activities for IDMO.

10/27/2022 - 01:15 PM

Fake news: instructions for use. The role of Media Literacy in combating disinformation. This is the name of the event promoted by RAI in collaboration with the European Parliament and the European Commission Representatives in Italy, which was also attended by TIM and is part of the activities of IDMO, the Italian observatory that supports and develops the work of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) on the impact of fake news and spreading good practices in the use of digital media.

The event, which is part of UNESCO's Media and Information Literacy week, was attended by several institutional representatives, while Andrea Laudadio, Head of TIM Academy & Development, participated for TIM, with a speech called "TIM for IDMO, an Appointment with Digital Media".

At this event, TIM explained its experience and its concrete Media Literacy activities as part of the free training programme Appointment with Digital Media, now in its second edition in schools to teach the proper and conscious use of media.

All of the programme's live and on-demand events are available at on the Media Literacy page, where it is also possible to register for the various events. The training programme is complemented by the activities of the TIM Data Room, the company unit that analyses data from the web and will carry out specific analyses for IDMO, with the aim of showing what happens online when false or distorted information is spread.

With these initiatives, the company supports the activities of IDMO, which involves, in addition to TIM, important partners such as Rai, Gedi Group, the University of Rome Tor Vergata, NewsGuard, Pagella Politica, and T6 Ecosystem.