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Spot calcio TIM

The new TIM commercial dedicated to football is on the air

The new TIM campaign previewed on Rai 1 during the Italy-Switzerland European Championship match.

06/17/2021 - 08:45 AM

A new TIM commercial which this time traces the history of football, with a focus on the evolution of the means of communication that have accompanied and continue to accompany this sport so loved by Italians.

It starts with the kick-off of the first championship in Turin in 1898 and then moves on to the radio commentaries of the 1940s and live television coverage of the 1960s. The story continues to the present day, recounting the evolution of football all the way up to streamed viewing.

This commercial, conceived by Luca Josi, TIM's Director of Brand Strategy, Media & Multimedia Entertainment, and produced in collaboration with the Think Cattleya production company, is accompanied by the music of “This is TIM” sung by Mina.

TIM and football have a long history together. For over 20 years TIM has been a sponsor of the National Soccer Team and for 25 years Title Sponsor of the Serie A TIM.

TIM's role will expand from this championship forward. In fact, starting with the 2021-2022 championship and until 2023-2024, the Serie A TIM will be on DAZN, also available on TIMVISION.

With this TIMVISION will establish itself as the most complete streaming content platform, thanks also to the numerous agreements signed in recent years, starting with Disney +, Netflix and Prime Video. 

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