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EU Pact4Skills

Digital Transformation: TIM becomes a member of the EU Pact for Skills

The European initiative to improve digital skills

05/31/2022 - 02:45 PM

TIM joins the European Pact for Skills, the initiative promoted by the EU Commission to improve skills and retrain people of working age.

Spreading and updating digital skills is central to economic and social development of European Countries. That is why the EU Commission invited companies, social partners, public authorities and educational institutions to the EU Pact for Skills to create and protect jobs, promoting digitalization and fostering the social inclusion of people in vulnerable situations to support the growth of a green, digital, inclusive and resilient economy.

Digital transformation: the goals

The EU Pact for Skills put itself in line with the Digital Compass, the plan proposed by the EU Commission for the digital transformation of Europe, which is built around four main goals to be achieved by 2030:

  • Digitally literate citizens and highly qualified digital professionals
    At least 80% of the population should have basic digital skills, and 20 million specialists should be employed in the telecom sector, with more women working in the field;
  • Sustainable digital infrastructure
    All households will have access to ultra broadband connectivity, and all populated areas will be reached by 5G; 10,000 climate-neutral Edge nodes will be activated, and the EU will have its first quantum computer.
  • Digital transformation
    Three out of four businesses will use cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence services.
  • Digitisation of public services
    All major public services will be available online, and 80% of citizens will use the European digital identity.

By virtue of the numerous initiatives already undertaken for e-skills training, in addition to joining the project, TIM is also an ambassador of the European Pact for Digital Skills. In this role, we will strive to spread awareness, promote new ideas and initiatives, and facilitate other companies' access to EU funding.