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Ten years of Netbook

The country's digital growth told through TIM Network data

08/02/2022 - 12:15 PM

TIM's Netbook, the annual publication that takes a current snapshot of the country's digital development thanks to the deployment of TIM's fixed and mobile ultrabroadband network, is now in its tenth edition.

For this reason, the 2022 edition is a 'special edition', which not only offers the usual overview with data on network traffic in Italy, broken down by region and province, but also analyses its growth trend over the last ten years and contains two retrospectives on 'Netbook before the Netbook' and 'Italy in the age of the Telephone'. Netbook 2022 also offers an in-depth look at how the 5G network and next-generation data centres work.

As usual, all TIM Network figures are also available online and in open data mode (link to more than 10,000 pieces of data, 107 maps and infographics updated to December 2021 that make detailed and comparable information accessible to the general public, with a unique distribution initiative in Europe.

Netbook 2022 highlights: TIM network coverage

The TIM fixed network contributes to the digitalisation of households and businesses with ultrabroadband coverage that, by December 2021, had reached over 5,800 municipalities and 94% of households. Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) reached 24% of the population in the same period, with modernisation of access hubs (in technical terms, distribution cabinets), concentrated in 2021, particularly in the so-called 'white areas' of the territory, i.e. where investment is unprofitable but is still supported in the interest of the community.

The mobile network covered 99% of the population and municipalities with 4G. TIM's 5G is already available in major Italian cities, in many tourist locations and in a growing number of municipalities.

Millions of kilometres of fibre and billions of Gygabites

The total number of kilometres of fibre laid in the country is approximately 21 million, more than 50 times the distance from the earth to the moon. A highway on which, in 2021 alone, some 20 billion gigabytes of data traffic travelled, i.e. the equivalent of downloading around 2 billion ultra-HD (4K) films, twice as much as in 2019.

Every broadband user on the TIM fixed network generated/consumed an average of 191 gigabytes/month in the past year, a figure 12 times higher than ten years ago, which can mainly be attributed to online streaming services (films, videos and sporting events).