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This is TIM

A real musical telling of the pivotal role played by TIM in the country’s technological and social development and taking a look at the challenges of the future that go beyond connectivity, transforming cities into modern smart cities: from the IoT to the Cloud, Data Centres and Artificial Intelligence.

12/31/2020 - 09:30 AM

It is the story told by our new commercial, on air from December 31, 2020.  All the elements of the scene recall the world of technology and connectivity and their evolution: from the copper cables to the rotary dial telephone, telephone booths, exchanges, mobile telephones, smartphones, optic fibre and 5G.

It starts out from the 1920s, showing the skyline of Turin, the city in which TIM’s innovation first began, and it goes on towards the present days, throughout the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, reviewing famous scenes of well known musicals.
The commercial ends with a group dance of the whole of TIM’s population, in an imaginary landscape represented by iconic monuments and architectures of our country.

The commercial, which will be broadcast until 6 January, will be aired by all the television broadcasters in its full version, running for 3 minutes and 49 seconds. 
It has been directed by Luca Josi, Head of Brand Strategy, Media & Multimedia Entertainment for TIM, together with Luca Tommassini, who also arranged its choreography.