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Strength of connections

The strength of connections returns in a brand new version

The television spot will be aired during the holiday season

12/14/2022 - 04:30 PM

The TV spot for The Strength of Connection, directed by Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore with fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, is back on air in a brand new version.

The campaign will air during the holiday season, when the strength of connection takes on an even more powerful meaning, with a new 90" edit.
At the heart of the campaign is the message that connections between people are what make people overcome distances and differences and find the strength and motivation to achieve ever more ambitious projects.

The spot, with a soundtrack featuring an unreleased track by Maestro Ennio Morricone, tells the personal and professional journey of the two designers. The story intertwines their lives and their projects. They meet at a very young age, and together they turn their ideas into reality. It is thanks to their connection that they make their dream come true. 

"With this campaign, we want to talk about the connections that unite people, near or far, the same or different, because the real connection is the one that helps us to overcome distances and differences. TIM's task is to make sure that connections grow, develop according to the many needs, and are always secure."

Pietro Labriola, CEO and General Manager of TIM

At the 54th Key Awards & 9th Radio Key Awards, the spot “The Strength of Connection” won first prize in the “Leisure, media, and promotional campaigns, major events” category. This is an achievement we are proud of.