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TIM a Dyslexia-Friendly company

TIM has been certified "Dyslexia Friendly Company" by the Italian Dyslexia Association thanks to its approach to diversity and inclusion. Read more

Living in the cloud with TIM

Cloud computing allows anyone to access maximum potential in processing power, paving the way for endless applications. Read More

Market Abuse

In TIM we defend the strategic value of information, and consider transparency to be one of the basic principles of our actions. 

The new procedure, approved by the Board of Directors on February 3, 2017, amended on September 24, 2018, establishes the principles and rules with which TIM complies in the internal management and external disclosure of the Company’s inside information, as defined in law, and on the arrangements to maintain registers of people who have access to it. It regulates Company activities with reference to the obligations and compliances connected to internal dealing.

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Inside information procedure

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