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This section describes the remuneration measures for the members of the Board of Directors in 2019.

The total annual remuneration of the Board of Directors pursuant to Article 2389, paragraph 1, of the Italian Civil Code was established by the Shareholders’ Meeting of May 4, 2018 as a maximum of €2,200,000 gross.

The Board of Directors’ meeting of May 16, 2018 allocated this amount by awarding €100,000 gross per year to each Director (excluding the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer); this is a fixed fee. There is no performancerelated remuneration or severance pay.

The following additional remuneration is also paid to the current Directors and Members of the Committees:


Annual compensation


Strategic Committee *

Members: € 25.000

The Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO do not receive this compensation

Salvatore Rossi (C)

Luigi Gubitosi (CEO)

franck Cadoret

Massimo Ferrari

Arnaud Roy de Puyfontaine

Rocco Sabelli

Control and Risk Committee

Members: € 45.000 

Chairman: € 65.000  

Paola Giannotti De Ponti (C)

Massimo Ferrari

Marella Moretti

Lucia Morselli

Michele Valensise

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Members: € 40.000 

Chairman: € 60.000 

Alfredo Altavilla (C)

Paola Bonomo

Giuseppina Capaldo

Rocco Sabelli

Michele Valensise

Related Parties Committee

Members € 25.000 

Chairman € 40.000 

Lucia Morselli (C)

Giuseppina Capaldo

Maria Elena Cappello

Marella Moretti

Dante Roscini

* From 10 March 2020, the Committee was renamed Sustainability and Strategies Committee and its composition was integrated by the appointment of the Directors Paola Bonomo and Maria Elena Cappello