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Digital Volunteers Programme

TIM joins the European mentoring programme for SMEs

03/30/2022 - 12:25 PM

TIM has joined the "Digital Volunteers Programme", the project launched by the European Commission to guide small and medium-sized enterprises on their digital transformation journey by increasing the digital skills of their employees through collaboration with qualified mentors from larger companies.

This initiative is part of the trajectory outlined by the European Commission - in particular the Bussola Digitale strategy - to achieve important digital transformation goals by 2030. A roadmap built around four cardinal points: skills, secure and sustainable digital infrastructures, digitalisation of public services and digital transformation of businesses, combining investments from the EU, Member States and the private sector.

Digital skills for sustainable development

Within the Digital Volunteers Programme, TIM contributed to Agricola Reitana Agricor SRLs, a small Sicilian company in the agricultural sector that produces, packages and distributes fresh vegetables under the brand name "Bellafresca". Thanks to TIM's mentorship, the Sicilian company developed and applied the digital skills needed to grow its business by seizing all the opportunities on the market, while also paying special attention to sustainable development issues.

It was a wonderful experience, which created value for the company. In addition to training, many concrete outputs have been achieved, with a particular attention to sustainability and circular economy issues. The company is preparing to test a generational transition to improve what was created with courage by my grandfather and what was safeguarded afterwards with sacrifice by my father, mixed with his wisdom and experience. In addition to the contribution on digital transformation, we have worked on the methodology of the approach to work, in the direction of an aware systemic vision aimed at continuous innovation”.
(Giuseppe Privitera, Agricor manager).

Thanks to the mentoring activity provided by TIM, the company has developed new essential digital skills for its business, such as those relating to digital collaboration, cloud and cybersecurity, to data management and 5G, that have resulted in a better management system efficiency savings of about 153 man-hours per year. Also important are the benefits in terms of environmental impact: with the new acquired skills the company will purchase, by the end of 2022, a weather station, that will led to a reduction of 20% 30% in the use of water and electric energy, but also an optical instrument for vegetables to identify processing waste.

This project is part of the initiatives aimed at increasing and accelerating digital skills among citizens, businesses and public administrations in which TIM is strongly committed. In Europe, TIM is also an active member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, the initiative launched by the European Commission for the exchange of best practices in the field of digital skills, which has awarded TIM its highest recognition, the Golden Pledge. TIM is also working with the European Commission within the framework of the Pact for Skills.