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TIM and CNR for the cities of the future

Urban Intelligence and Smart City research and projects together

05/18/2023 - 03:00 PM

TIM and the National Research Council (CNR) have signed a collaboration agreement to launch scientific research and joint projects in the field of Urban Intelligence and Smart Cities. It was signed by Maria Chiara Carrozza, Chairwoman of the National Research Council, and Elio Schiavo, Chief Enterprise & Innovative Solutions Officer of TIM.

Cities are rapidly transforming the way we live. But for them to be efficient, simple and safe - in short, sustainable - we need smart, digitised management policies for the urban ecosystem.

The collaboration between CNR and TIM is based precisely on this need, and leverages the analytical skills of CNR, which will develop advanced simulators based on the information gathered by the TIM Urban Genius platform, and the Smart City experience of TIM Enterprise, which already offers local administrations advanced solutions for making decisions based on accurate, real-time information, managing urban resources and infrastructures more effectively, and responding better to the needs of citizens and businesses.

In particular, thanks to this collaboration we will enhance the CNR's Virtual Urban Intelligence Laboratory and work together on a new urban planning and management model, the “Digital Twin City”, which recreates a digital version of the city to better understand how its systems work and improve the decisions taken for its development.

Together, with a shared vision and commitment to sustainability, to build a better future for our cities and for generations to come.