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AGM and Meetings

03/12/2024 - 01:25 PM

The annual general meeting of shareholders is the collective decision-making body of joint stock companies and is formed by the shareholders (or their representatives); it represents a fundamental occasion for discussion between shareholders and management.

The procedures for summoning the meeting and the regulations for the right of intervention of the Shareholders present and for the conducting are set forth in the company By-Laws.
The documentation on the most recent meetings is available below. Less recent documents are contained in the archive.

Participation in Shareholder’s Meetings

In order to participate in shareholders' meetings, TIM shareholders register and can access the reserved area where it will be possible to:

  • ask questions on agenda items even before the meeting
  • notify (by transmitting the original) or send a copy to the Company of the proxies conferred for participation in the meeting through a representative
  • vote electronically.