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Shareholders' Meeting – April 16, 2014: presentation of proposals on other items on the agenda and supplementary agenda

11/09/2013 - 06:00 AM

In view of the scheduled integration to the agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting by the Board of Directors, those shareholders who, alone or with other shareholders, represent at least 2.5% of the ordinary share capital and who upon exercise of the right, legitimize themselves in the forms established by applicable provisions of law, may present resolution proposals on items already on the agenda for the Shareholders’ Meeting (including matters regarding number, duration and remuneration of the Board of Directors to be appointed) as well as ask for an integration of the proposed items.

The request and a report explaining the reasons therefor, together with an identity document of the applicant, must be received within 10 days of publication of the call notice (or of the subsequent supplemental notice) either by post to the following address:

Corporate Affairs
- Ref. Agenda
Piazza degli Affari  2
20123 MILAN - Italy,

or by e-mail to assemblea.azionisti@pec.telecomitalia.it together with the communication stating the ownership of the aforementioned shareholding at the date of the delivery of the request, issued by those intermediaries who maintain the accounts in which the shares of the requesting shareholders are registered.

The supplementary agenda and the related explanatory reports, accompanied by any comments of the Board of Directors, will be published, within the deadline and with the modalities as established by law, by the Company on its website www.telecomitalia.com/assemblea.

Any integrations to the agenda and  new resolution proposals will be published, within the deadlines and with the modalities as established by law, in the newspapers in which the call notice was published.

Reference regulation

Article 126-bis Consolidated Finance Law