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Shareholders' Meeting – March 31, 2021: presentation of proposals on other items on the agenda and supplementary agenda

03/17/2021 - 04:45 PM

Additions to the meeting agenda

Shareholders which altogether represent at least 2.5% of the ordinary share capital, having demonstrated their entitlement in the manner required by the applicable regulations, may request additions to the agenda. This is not permitted for matters on which the Shareholders’ Meeting is required by law to pass resolution based on Directors’ proposals or based on a plan or report other than those specified in Article 125-ter(1) of the CLF.

The request for additions and report illustrating its rationale, together with a copy of an identity document of the requesting party, must be received within 10 days of the publication of this notice (i.e. no later than 1 March 2021), on paper to the following address:

TIM S.p.A.

Corporate Affairs - Ref. Agenda

Via Gaetano Negri, 1

20123 MILAN - Italy,

or by email to the following address

After verifying the legitimacy of the exercise of the right, the Company shall give notice of the additions to the agenda, in the same manner as required for the publication of the call notice, by 16 March 2021.

Shareholders intending to exercise the right are asked to contact the Company Corporate Affairs office in advance to establish all necessary details.


Reference regulation

Article 126-bis Consolidated Finance Law


Presentation of individuals proposals for resolution on agenda items

Given that this Meeting may only be attended through the Designated Representative and that no proposals may be presented during the proceedings (as clarified by Consob), with reference to this meeting, all shareholders entitled to exercise this right in the manner laid down by the applicable regulations shall be able to submit individual proposals for resolution on agenda items, by sending them before 16 March 2021 (together with a copy of an identity document), on paper to the following address:

TIM S.p.A.

Corporate Affairs - Ref. Agenda

Via Gaetano Negri, 1

20123 MILAN - Italy,

or by e-mail to

It is recommended that proposals be formulated in a clear and complete manner, preferably accompanied by a report stating the reasons for the proposal.

After checking the proposals’ relevance to the agenda, as well as their completeness and compliance with the applicable regulations, the Company shall publish all of the proposals received (and any accompanying explanatory reports) on the Company website at by 17 March 2021.

Please note that with reference to the shareholders' meeting called for March 31, 2021, neither the right to request an addition to the meeting agenda nor the right to present individual proposals regarding items on the agenda have been exercised by the shareholders within the terms indicated in the call notice.