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Work-life balance

To balance the different parts of our lives more successfully, among other things TIM has put in place initiatives to make family management and home-work travel easier.

Main initiatives:

  • TIM Estate (TIM Summer), an initiative aimed at children and young people aged 6 to 18, children of employees, allowing to enjoy a summer holiday full of entertainment, sport, art, nature and educational guidance. TIM Estate 2023 includes over 28 summer camps designed for children and teenagers, offering several kind of experiences (from language courses in Ireland and UK to sport and talent show camps). All of the summer camps are designed not only to support the work-life balance of our colleagues but also to offer to our about 3.000 participants a valuable and growth pedagogical experience and to promote the growth of a culture of inclusion.
  • Kindergarten: due to the smart working agreement TIM decided to change the approach to help families and parents of newborns. We therefore signed an agreement with a mayor Family Care partner which is now managing 5 kindergarten hosted in 5 mayor company sites.. 
  • MioRimborso(MyRefund): Colleagues with children aged between 3 months and 6 years receive a refund, based on the declared income bracket, of expenses incurred for kindergarten, nursery or babysitting services..
  • Foreign study (Intercultura) bursaries: An initiative that provides the most deserving children of employees with scholarships to study abroad. 38 scholarships were granted in 2021.
  • TIM Studio: 140 children (sons and grandsons of our employees) have benefited from study assistance to improve school readiness. The project was carried out in cooperation with ALATEL, the Association of retirees, and workers of the Group.
  • WellBeing program: designed to improve personal and organizational Wellbeing through a program of initiatives organized into 4 chapters: workout and physical activit; stress reduction (including a free 8 meetings program of online psychotherapy offered to all employees); correct life styles; prevention.