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premio DNA Sordi Inclusi

TIM receives DNA Award for the Sordi Inclusi project

An award for good inclusion practices in the company

10/26/2022 - 02:20 PM

TIM wins the DNA (Difference iN Addition) Award, the recognition that rewards companies for having good diversity inclusion practices.

TIM won the award thanks to the Sordi Inclusi project, part of the Disability Management plan that ensures that everyone in the company can work without any kind of distinction by eliminating physical and cultural barriers, listening to specific needs, and spreading a culture of inclusion to value individual diversity.

There are various tools and services available to deaf employees at TIM, for example, the Pedius app, which uses text-to-speech transcoding and provides an online ISL interpreter at any time during working hours, in addition to training in sign language or with subtitles, and the Veasyt app, which provides online ISL video interpreting to facilitate interviews and meetings.

Additionally, last year, on International Sign Language Day, TIM launched TIMinLIS, a new technical assistance service for deaf customers, available on the TIM website, where it is possible to communicate with an ISL video interpreter connected in real time with a TIM technician via their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Our entertainment offer also caters to deaf people. In fact, the TIMVision parla in LIS project, dubs some of the public's favourite cartoon series in ISL.

The last of the tools developed is the IntendiMe app, which uses vibrations generated and transmitted by a smartwatch to communicate various messages, such as a fire alarm, an incoming call, etc.

Deaf employees from TIM were directly involved in the implementation of all of these projects, providing valuable insights and testing the solutions.

Inclusion is thus confirmed as a concrete commitment for TIM, as demonstrated by various initiatives and recognition as a global best practice, including by industry indices such as the Refinitiv Global Diversity and Inclusion Index, which earlier this month declared TIM the world's best telecommunications group for diversity and inclusion, with TIM and TIM Brasil first in the Top 100 index rankings in Italy and South America respectively.