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Female LeadHERship

05/19/2021 - 12:30 PM

Female LeadHERship is our series of talks for promoting gender inclusion and female empowerment in the company. Center stage are the women, professionals from TIM or from other companies, who will talk about their professional and personal paths, a source of inspiration and reflection and excellent role models. A journey of growth and discussion that aims to highlight the value of female leadership and combat gender bias and prejudice, which are still far too common.

It is an initiative that is part of TIM's Progetto Donna and is supported by Valore D, the association of companies of which TIM has been a supporting member since 2010 and that works to promote employment and encourages female talent to come to the forefront. The cycle consists of an introductory meeting and six themed sessions, all introduced by Gaia Spinella, Head of Engagement & Development at TIM Academy, and moderated by Monica D’Ascenzo, journalist at Il Sole 24 Ore and coordinator of the “Alley Oop” blog, an expert on female leadership and the gender gap.

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