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Parks LGBT+ Diversity Index

Parks LGBT+ Diversity Index

TIM named best company for inclusion

07/01/2022 - 04:10 PM

TIM is named the best company in the sixth edition of the Parks LGBT+ Diversity Index. This is an important recognition awarded to us by Parks – Liberi e Uguali, the non-profit association which, since 2010, has been spreading awareness about the business potential linked to developing strategies and good practices that respect diversity and which, this year, awarded TIM for having the best inclusion programme for LGBT+ people.

Parks LGBT+ Diversity Index is the first benchmarking tool aimed at identifying the best companies to work for in Italy for people from the LGBT+ community. The index, first published in 2013, evaluates several areas:

  • non-discrimination policies
  • benefits and leave
  • policies for transgender people
  • organisational skills
  • outward commitment

This result rewards our commitment to valuing diversity as a lever for expressing talent, a commitment that translates into numerous initiatives related to spreading a culture of inclusion among employees, such as the 'LGBT+' podcast in the Inclusion Management series, or the 'Out & Proud' webinar, recently launched for Pride Month, and on the rights protection front.

We are the first company in Italy to have granted a period of paid leave, identical in duration to marriage leave, to a colleague who celebrated her union with her partner abroad. TIM has also adopted the concept of the 'household', thanks to which it is possible to extend all the benefits granted to its employees to cohabiting partners, and has extended to the employee's family unit, regardless of blood ties, the ability to access numerous company caring services (crèches, summer stays, study stays).

For people undergoing gender transition, we have a support programme that allows the employee to use the social identity they choose even before legal recognition of the registered gender change. It is also possible report inappropriate behaviour and receive support through our policy against gender harassment and bullying.