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TIM AI Academy

Enrolment open for ethics course.

09/22/2021 - 02:45 PM

In the fast-changing social and economic environment in which we are living, updating and developing our skills is fundamental both for personal development and to stay competitive. This fuels and inspires our relationship with the university world and with the main players of innovation, paving the way for new initiatives.

Professionals, businesses and the public administration have a continuous need to update their skills and explore the new potential of digital innovation. To meet this need, TIM Academies have been established, a project in collaboration with major Italian universities and strategic partners such as Google, CapGemini, Nokia, Cisco, Noovle, Olivetti and Randstad, dedicated to young graduates and professionals. The aim is to train new figures with high technical skills and strong professionalism to support the country in the process of digital transformation.

The AI Academies, dedicated to the world of Artificial Intelligence, are the result of collaboration with the Sapienza University of Rome and Google.
Following the AI Business & Strategic Applications programme, which ended in June, AI Academy - Artificial Intelligence ethics, rights and policies will begin on 28 October.

The programme will analyse how Artificial Intelligence can improve decisions and make them more efficient while respecting ethics and privacy and avoiding any form of discrimination.
The course is geared towards policy makers, public administration officials, public affairs professionals and experts, corporate employees and graduates interested in AI ethics.
The teaching team consists of professors from the Sapienza University of Rome, lecturers from international universities and research centres, managers from TIM, Google and other companies of national and international renown.
Registration is open until 8 October on the Sapienza University of Rome website.

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