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Cyborg Security Academy

Enrolment open for Cybersecurity for business and organizations course.

10/04/2021 - 06:30 PM

Proper cybersecurity management is crucial for companies of all sectors and sizes. The Cyborg Security Academy has been established to meet this need — the result of TIM's collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II and Cisco — with the launch of the advanced course Cybersecurity for business and organisations.

The course delves into the main cybersecurity topics in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of models, methodologies and technologies to protect operating systems. After an initial phase dedicated to acquiring basic theory, there follows a phase of in-depth study of distinctive skills in areas such as cyber intelligence, secure coding, forensic analysis in digital environments and other relevant topics.

The course is dedicated to junior and senior cybersecurity specialists who wish to update their knowledge and/or acquire new knowledge.

The team selected for the course is made up of lecturers from Federico II, lecturers from other universities and international research centres, managers from Cisco, Clara, TIM and other companies of national and international importance.

Registration is open until 5 November 2021 on the University of Naples Federico II website.

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