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Digital HR Academy

Enrolment is open for the course on the role of HR in the digital transformation process.

10/20/2021 - 11:05 AM

The digital transformation of organisations affects every area of business, not just production or administration. Human resource management can also be radically rethought thanks to the new tools available.

TIM's collaboration with the Bologna Business School and UMANA (Employment Agency) has resulted in the Digital HR Academy, which aims to provide knowledge and tools to encourage digital personnel management and promote a new corporate culture.

Participants will be able to learn a mix of skills varying from management to personnel management policies, from cybersecurity to leadership and team management. One of the focuses will be on developing specific soft skills for managing new forms of work, such as smart working.

The course is dedicated to HR professionals who want to update their skills and meet the current and future challenges of their role.

The selected team of lecturers is made up of university professors from the Bologna Business School, top managers from TIM, Umana, and other international companies, giving the course an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach.

You have until 8 November 2021 to register. Click here for more information.

Or write to: infoacademy@telecomitalia.it



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