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TIM a Dyslexia-Friendly company

Diversity as a value.

10/08/2021 - 09:00 AM

Inclusivity is part of TIM's DNA, a part of our organisation but also of our people. A group of TIM employees provided the impetus and suggestions which led to the creation of Dyslexia No Problem, the project to raise awareness within the company about SLDs, Specific Learning Disabilities, and to make our activities more accessible and usable for people with these disabilities.

Thanks to this project, TIM has been certified as a Dyslexia-Friendly Company by the Associazione Italiana Dislessia (Italian Dyslexia Association), a recognition of which we are proud.

SLDs, including dyslexia, affect around 4% of the Italian population and are an increasingly common issue. It is, in fact, a lifelong condition, which impacts different aspects of a person’s life.

Until a few years ago, this topic was mainly dealt with in schools, but today there is a widespread awareness that the working environment also needs to be reorganised in order to ensure that everyone has the right tools to best express their talent. Workers with SLDs may need specific support to perform at their best and increase their professional well-being.

The TIM Dyslexia No Problem project consists of the following activities: training and awareness raising and, at the same time, in the launch of best practices for the processes of selection, development, management and communication, which thus become dyslexia friendly.

The recruitment process is stressful for everyone. It must not become even more so for candidates with SLDs. Training today can also be inclusive and allow everyone to grow together through the use of different learning tools, as well as development paths, which must be designed to allow everyone to fully express their professionalism.

This is a culture change for the benefit of all, because when diversity is experienced as a value, then that gives life to the best ideas and the best ways of working together.

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