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women empowerment

Women’s Empowerment

A new plan to overcome the gender gap and bring value to the company.

03/08/2023 - 06:00 PM

Spreading the culture of equal opportunities and supporting the professional growth of women in companies; this is the aim of the
Women’s Empowerment plan, which consists of numerous projects and initiatives, from training courses to events, scholarships and contests.

Training is essential for spreading awareness and providing the tools for the personal and professional growth of everyone, women and men. This is why we organise training sessions on different aspects of women's leadership and, thanks to our long-standing partnership with Valore D, mentorship and learning programmes. For the entire corporate population, we also offer inspirational meetings held by colleagues, training on shared parental and family roles and gender bias.

The Women’s Empowerment  plan also includes TIM's focus on women in STEM, both at recruiting events (through participation in dedicated events such as STEM Girls and WomenHack), and through support for scholarships and contests, such as the Special TIM Award  as part of the Valeria Solesin Award, and participation in Ingenio al femminile, the initiative that gives the award to the best thesis among all engineering degree courses on the theme of "Engineering for People", i.e. sustainability, ecological transition and circular economy.

The Women’s Empowerment plan also looks outside the company with the Women Plus project, an app where job offers, training content, mentoring and thematic news will be available in the coming months.