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e se cambiassi prospettiva-gender gap

What if you change your perspective?

Fighting the gender gap.

07/05/2023 - 12:00 PM

Talent has no gender, which is why the gender gap is a barrier which needs to be broken down. At TIM, we believe this and are focusing on a Women Empowerment plan made up of concrete initiatives to support the professional growth of women.

It is in this context that we created E se cambiassi prospettiva? (What if you change your perspective?), a new awareness-raising and discussion project dedicated to TIM people. In a series of live meetings that will take place all across Italy, Azzurra Rinaldi — economist, writer and co-founder of Equonomics, a company aiming at gender rebalancing — will meet with experts on various subjects related to the gender gap and gender bias and, together with them, explore less common aspects, such as gender medicine and artificial intelligence bias.

The first meeting was hosted by The Third Dimension, a meeting format in which we discussed topics that are very relevant to the company and represent what gives depth to our business.

Leading the opening of E se cambiassi prospettiva is the question "How big is the gap that keeps women and men from being equal in life and at work?". Azzurra Rinaldi discussed this with philosopher Lorenzo Gasparrini, Enrica Danese, TIM's Director of Institutional Communications, Sustainability & Sponsorship, Andrea Laudadio, Head of TIM Academy & Development, and a number of colleagues who shared their thoughts and personal experiences.

This, and all meetings to follow, are aimed at all TIM people and can also be enjoyed remotely, either via streaming or on demand.

Women Empowerment is a broad plan that consists of numerous projects and initiatives, from training courses to events,  scholarships and contests. Learn more about our commitment to bridging the gender gap.