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Say no to harassment and bullying

Our policy for a peaceful work environment.

07/21/2021 - 09:30 AM

Keeping people safe from behaviour which could undermine their peace of mind and dignity is essential. For this reason, at TIM, as part of our actions on well-being and inclusion, we established the Gender harassment, sexual harassment and bullying policy. A resource for understanding, reporting, and overcoming any type of hostile or denigrating behaviour perceived at the company.

Whether dealing with gender harassment, sexual harassment, stalking or bullying, we want to provide concrete support to our people while fully respecting their privacy. For TIM personnel, we have defined reporting methods and measures in addition to the usual reporting channels already available to everyone.

The policy is only one facet of this project, which also includes educational and training activities aimed at raising awareness on these issues. There are also additional support tools for employees who may find themselves in a vulnerable or confusing situation and are unable to make a report.

In fact, for our people, we provide psychological and legal assistance services, plus the arrangement of a Person of Trust, an outside professional who can help explain the company policy and the channels available for handling any delicate situation, without necessarily needing to make a report. 

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