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The value of collaboration also involves training

LFactor is a collective training project, conceived during the lock-down period, dedicated to leadership

12/04/2020 - 12:45 PM

The pandemic has taught us a great many things, including the value of doing things together to achieve the best results.  We have seen this in so many areas and TIM has decided to also apply it to training. LFactor is a collective training project dedicated to leadership that was conceived during the lock-down period.

12 great companies together

Aci Informatica, Agos, Banca Ifis, Cisco, Danone, Eni, Ferrovie, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, RDS, TIM and TIM Brasil, companies operating in very different segments, have decided to come together and discuss the topic of leadership and its evolution in the near future. They have debated the best approach to respond to the evolution of the social-economic context, the transformation of people’s needs and to give mangers all the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

e-learning, a choice or a necessity

The result of this opportunity for collective confrontation is an e-learning course, made available free of charge to all companies who express an interest, dedicated to the soft, yet strategic, assets of people, time and performance management. As the project was designed during the lock-down period, it naturally had to be designed in digital format, but this need works well with the digitisation of training already started by TIM even before the pandemic.

Freedom, Authenticity, Trust and Performance

These are the topics explored by the course tutors, men and women of various backgrounds: managers, professors, mountaineers, actors, astronauts and artists, to mention just a few...

Advice for future leaders includes the importance of leaving room for creativity, experimentation, for applying sharing and always being very clear in defining the route, as well as ready to debate and doubt it. And then the importance of the capacity to listen as a basis for any dialogue, the fact of being authentic and teaching by doing, not confusing strength with authority, providing continuous feedback and... smiling!

For further information please write to: info@lfactor.it


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