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women plus

Women and work go hand in hand

Women Plus

12/02/2022 - 10:00 AM

The 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion events dedicated to overcoming the gender gap and female inclusion continue.

It is in this context that TIM initiated the event Women and work go hand in hand: Women Plus, moderated by journalist Monica D'Ascenzo from Il Sole 24 Ore, which was attended by, among others, Pietro Labriola, CEO of TIM Group.  The conversation focussed on women and work and successes, but also difficulties, with the contribution of Azzurra Rinaldi, Director of the School of Gender Economics at Rome's Unitelma Sapienza University, and the accounts of young women who have yet to enter the workforce.

Italy is, unfortunately, among the lowest ranked countries in Europe for female employment and equal pay, so concrete ideas and actions are needed. This is why TIM has launched Women Plus, a wide-reaching project that takes its cue from Mulheres Positivas, the platform developed by entrepreneur Fabi Saad that has been active in Brazil since 2010 with the participation of TIM Brasil.

With Women Plus, women will have an app-enabled platform that supports women's employment and empowerment through training, inspirational talks, mentorship, and lots of job advertisements to find the opportunities that best suit their career paths and skills.

More than 200 partners, including companies, associations, universities, higher technical institutes, and foundations, have so far joined the Women plus project, which will be active in the coming months, with the aim of promoting the personal and professional development of women and accelerating the achievement of gender equality in Italy.

Other TIM initiatives, such as increasing the representation of women on the Boards of Directors of Group companies, internal awareness and mentorship programmes, and work-life balance tools for employees' families, are also directed towards this goal.