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Telecom Italia Wireline offering at ''Smau Comm Mediterraneo 2001''

03/22/2001 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia Wireline, the Telecom Italia Business Unit for fixed-wire telephony and Internet for businesses, is showcasing a vast range of value added services and solutions for voice, data and Internet targeted at SMEs and large corporations at the second "SMAU Comm Mediterraneo 2001" Fair. Also on show are tailor-made solutions for the government sector.

In particular, the Telecom Italia Wireline stand at SMAU Comm Mediterraneo features the following products and services:

Teleconomy 24 ADSL Aziende: this offering has been devised for business customers (SMEs) keen on growing their commercial operations by taking full advantage of the many opportunities offered by telecommunications, while at the same time optimizing their telephone spending. For a monthly fee of 82,000 lire (73,000 lire for ADSL connection + 9,000 lire for voice, excluding VAT) Teleconomy 24 ADSL Aziende enables companies to benefit from always on 24-hour ADSL access to the Internet at speeds of up to 256 kbit/s downstream and 128 Kbit/s upstream, plus over 20 MB of web space and one e-mail address with 10 MB capacity. Local and long-distance calls are charged at a flat rate of just 24 lire per minute (plus 127 lire set up charge). Calls to mobile phones are charged at reduced rates (for example, calls to TIM mobile phones are charged at a flat rate of 428 lire per minute, plus 127 lire set up charge). International call charges are lower too: calls to Western Europe and North America, for example, are charged at 250 lire per minute (in addition to 500 lire set up charge), a flat rate that is reduced further still, to 190 lire per minute, on payment of just 3000 lire per month extra. Customers who wish to take advantage of Teleconomy 24 ADSL Aziende over ISDN lines are charged a monthly fee of 91,000 lire (73,000 lire for the ADSL connection + 18,000 lire for voice, not including VAT).

Net Economy ADSL SMART: this is Telecom Italia´s innovative ADSL-technology-based offering that brings super-fast Internet access to small and medium companies at low costs. Unlike Teleconomy ADSL, Net Economy ADSL Smart can be used to supply Internet access to multiple workstations connected to a small LAN, and offers always on connection at speeds of up to 640 kbit/s. This offering features flat rate pricing independent of the length of time connected and the quantity of data exchanged. For a monthly subscription fee of 150,000 lire (excluding VAT), NetEconomy ADSL SMART offers Internet connection at speeds of up to 640 kbit/s downstream and 128 kbit/s upstream, five e-mail addresses of 10 MB each with Webmail access, a static IP address, 30 MB of web space, plus free supply and installation of routers for the LAN connection.
IES - Internet Education Services: this new service builds upon Telecom Italia Wireline´s experience in telecommunications and the Internet. Designed to optimize company in-house training programs, this solution provides an immediate and user-friendly service that offers the advantage of being constantly updated and expanded. IES is a complete e-Learning service from Telecom Italia that allows companies to take advantage of a vast range of on-line training courses designed to train employees for specialist roles (Masters in WEB Marketing/Advertising and ICT Specialization) and supply advanced management training (Corporate Organization, Human Resources, English, Computer literacy).

ICS - Internet Commerce Solutions: this Telecom Italia Wireline offering has been conceived to supply businesses with the full range of Internet Commerce Solutions, enabling firms to build their own personalized virtual store (Business to Business, Business to Consumer). All ICS solutions guarantee high-level performance in terms of service quality and reliability (electronic transaction security), access capacity and cost containment.

Web Studios: this is the new solution designed to allow companies to easily, quickly and efficiently distribute multimedia content over the Web. Telecom Italia Wireline´s WebStudios Streaming Solutions offer companies (content providers) a turnkey solution for the distribution of multimedia content on the Web, taking advantage of the most advanced technology currently available on the market. Telecom Italia Wireline´s Internet Data Centers make it possible to broadcast video live and on demand over the Web; video clip encoding can be in either Real Networks or Windows Media Player formats, the two most popular web streaming formats.
This modular offering is customizable to meet individual customer requirements.

Full Business Government: designed to streamline relations between citizens and government organizations and bodies, Full Business Government is a new range of data solutions that allows government and civil service departments to set up E-Government Portals that supply online information and value added services.
With the support of its Internet Data Centers in Milan and Rome, Telecom Italia Wireline offers all levels of government access to modern broadband network infrastructures and integrated portal systems which employ the most sophisticated technologies available. Access is charged on a "pay per use" basis. Full Business Government enables any public body to independently administer the efficiency of internal procedures, while offering citizens and businesses access to a vast range of on-line services. Our Full Business Government solution also includes an option to activate "interchange" functions with the Italian Public Administration Unitary Network (RUPA).