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Presenting BB·B (Broad Band Box): ''turnkey'' ADSL for residential customers

04/06/2001 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia Wireline Services, the Telecom Italia Business Unit for fixed telephony and business Internet services, is teaming up with Virgilio (the Seat Pagine Gialle Internet portal) at the Bologna Futurshow to launch BB·B (Broad Band Box), a brand new ADSL offering that brings high speed Web navigation to residential customers.

The key feature of BB·B is that it is a "turnkey" solution bundling ADSL access, a modem, filters, installation, PC configuration and, thanks to the link-up with Virgilio, a guide to Internet multimedia content, all for 83,000 lire per month (excluding VAT).

What is included in the package:

- Internet access using ADSL technology, which offers always-on (24 hour) connection at speeds of up to 256 Kbps downstream and 128 Kbps upstream
- modem and filters
- delivery and home installation of modem and filters
- PC configuration at customer home
- 20 MB web space
- 1 e-mail address with 10 MB capacity
- free telephone help-desk

Customers who sign up before 30 June 2001 do not have to pay the usual initial connection fee of 250,000 lire plus VAT.

Telecom Italia Wireline is introducing BB·B to accelerate take-up of broadband in Italy by making it easier and less expensive to join the broadband world.

BB·B also comes with a coupon for a special offer: home delivery of a webcam and headset microphone for 79,000 lire, including VAT, a saving of around 40% on the standard retail price. This equipment makes it possible to take full advantage of the potential of the Internet, including video conferencing and the ever-increasing opportunities for interactive work and play on the Web.

Telecom Italia Wireline has already rolled out ADSL technology in more than 152 cities across Italy. By the end of 2001 ADSL will be available in 400 cities (home to 70% of the country´s population); 600 cities will have ADSL (80% of the population) by the end of 2002.