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Sogei: Trevisanato Chairman, Andreoni on the Board

12/07/2001 - 12:00 PM

The board of Sogei, Società Generale d´Informatica, of the Telecom Italia Group, at a meeting today co-opted onto the board Arrigo Androni, Roberto Pignatone and Sandro Trevisanato to replace the outgoing board members Paolo De Marco, Giorgio Mottura and Gilberto Ricci.

The board nominated Sandro Trevisanato, a barrister and civil law expert, chairman of the company. Arrigo Androni, who has an engineering background, is in charge of Telecom Italia´s I.S. and Technology, chairman and managing director of IT Telecom and managing director of Finsiel. Roberto Pignatone teaches financial law and government accounting at Palermo University.

Sogei´s board of directors thanked the outgoing board members and, in particular, Gilberto Ricci for his significant contribution in recent years to the development of the Company.