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New accounting systems for central government

02/27/2002 - 12:00 PM

Today’s workshop, organized by Finsiel, the IT Market company that is part of the Telecom Italia Group Information Technology Business Unit, offers an analysis of the status of reform in Italian government accounting processes.

CPM (the Italian acronym for Public Accounting and Econometric Models) is the field in which Finsiel is deploying the specialist skills it has developed in consulting, assistance, planning and development of the Italian’s government’s most complex and strategic accounting systems. Finsiel has had direct responsibility in the flagship projects run by the Department of General State Accounting, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, and the Court of Auditors.

Experts and consultants from the public and private sectors will speak during the day-long session. Finsiel-CPM will be illustrating the products, services and experience it has acquired in a number of areas.

The contract Finsiel recently won for Government economic accounting data gathering and analysis will equip the Italian State with a Unified Government Economic Accounting System that enables government and public sector decision-makers to monitor public finances and undertake targeted economic policy initiatives.

In its ordinary Financial Accounting management the government uses the SI.CO.GE Operational Accountancy System, produced by Finsiel on behalf of Consip, which provided the system free of charge to central government. To all intents and purposes SI.CO.GE. turns a Ministry “workstation” into a node on the domestic banking circuit, enabling online payment transactions.

Finsiel has designed and produced the GetBudget budget planning and management programme ( This software allows government to manage draft accounts, track budget performance, redefine forecasts for some or all areas of responsibility, and obtain information on the status of budget planning activities.

Further workshops are planned in future. To find out more, consult the calendar on the Finsiel citizen services portal ( Documentation on the topics covered at the workshop is also available on the portal.