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Telecom Italia Group at 2002 Italian Government Forum

05/04/2002 - 12:00 PM

The numerous solutions and services being presented by the Telecom Italia Group at the 2002 Italian Government Forum in Rome between 6 and 10 include: new solutions for state accounting systems, online tax services, health service booking, the new Yellow Pages and TuttoCittà city guides to central and local government, broadband and IP access for government Intranets and Extranets, learning services, knowledge management and personnel management for major companies.

At its stand (Fiera di Roma Pavilion 23) Telecom Italia Group business units and companies – the  Finsiel Group, Seat Group, PAth.Net, (a Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline subsidiary company), Telecom Italia Learning Services and TE.SS. – are presenting technologically advanced services and innovative solutions catering to the information and communications needs of central and local government.

The Telecom Italia Group is committed to developing systems capable of facilitating government modernization and building innovative solutions for implementation of e-government plans. These systems can bring considerable benefits in terms of economic savings on infrastructure and upgraded technological solutions.


Finsiel has already built 90% of the existing e-government applications that millions of citizens use every day. The company’s skills and solutions are already part of government life and are at the service of the nation.

Finsiel is bringing more than 30 products to Government Forum 2002, designed for central and local government and spanning the entire ICT value chain.

Online fiscal services have garnered accolades from around the world as one of the most successful e-government implementations so far: 100 percent of declarations sent online to government, 360,000 citizens directly filed their income declarations over the Internet in 2001, an error rate in declarations of just 3%, two thousand tonnes of papers saved every year, dedicated networks and services for notaries, architects, accountants and customs officers.

Electronic identity cards offer ID-sure access to services via Internet portals. After concluding trials involving an initial 83 town councils, the Ministry of the Interior has set a target that by 2006 all paper-based cards will have been replaced with the new cards which, in addition to being an identification document, also serve as a multifunction access key to government services. Citizens will be able to use their electronic ID cards to obtain any public service from any service-enabled government department, regardless of where they may happen to be.

Finsiel has designed and administers the largest accounting systems used by the Italian State, including the State financial accounting management system, the State unified income accounting system, the Ministry of Finance agency accounting systems and, at local level, the accounting systems used by the Rome City Council and the Region of Umbria.


Multimedia business Group Seat PG is bringing a wide range of products and a number of dedicated packages to the Government Forum, designed for accessing useful information and enabling citizen/government contact.
Telephone directories. In over 29 million copies distributed every year, public bodies display information in many different spaces, using dedicated graphics and descriptive icons to convey information regarding services supplied, hours of opening and locations.
Pagine Gialle and Pagine Gialle Online. 25 million copies every year, over 200 Residential and Business editions, the Yellow Pages offer dedicated space to the services and opening times of every government body. In addition to the database of all of Italy’s businesses and retailers, the site includes services dedicated to provision of information of public utility, including the "Citizens Guides" and "Business Guides".
Tutto Città. Viewed 550 million times each year, the city map directory is now enhanced with a dedicated offering for public bodies and services of public utility, so now it’s easy to pinpoint public offices and services directly on the maps. TuttoCittà will be online by the end of this year
Giallo Promo. This Seat brand, specialized in promotional merchandise, is a new way for government agencies to create contact and remind its users of what it´s about.


Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline subsidiary Path.Net was established in 1999, at the start-up of the Unified Government Network (known as “RUPA” from the Italian acronym) to supply telecommunication services to central and local government.

The transmission solutions offered by Path.Net, ranging from broadband to switched and dedicated IP access, are the platforms used by government intranets and extranets. Services benefit from advanced security features and high quality standards, in addition to offering customer care and personalized billing. The unit is also involved in e-government projects.


Telecom Italia Learning Services deploys its own technological platform as a one-stop learning and knowledge management facility. Training processes are covered from start to finish: knowledge/skill assessment, training plans designed for specific job profiles, and personalized follow-up.

TE.SS. (

Tele Payroll Services S.p.A. - TE.SS. - is the Telecom Italia Group Italian market company offering integrated solutions for reorganization of government processes.
Salaries, wages and contributions, labour relations administration, pensions management, fiscal consulting, reporting, overseas personnel management, short-term working contracts and labour regulations consultancy are just some of the services TE.SS. supplies. A specialist in large clients, TE.SS. leverages certified and consolidated skills, leading-edge technology and offers a modern design contact centre.