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Italian State pension agency contract won for provision of Web-oriented and Legacy-oriented software applications

05/22/2002 - 12:00 PM

Finsiel takes pension applications on-line

Finsiel, Italian ICT leader and part of the Telecom Italia Group, has won the EEC call for tenders by INPS for the "Provision of Web-oriented and legacy-oriented software applications" as leader of the winning consortium.
The five-year contract has an aggregate value of approximately 18.2 million euros (35.3 billion lire): 13 million euros for software development over the next five years, with an option for an additional package worth a further 5.2 million euros as per the tender terms and conditions.
The offer put together by Finsiel, whose previous ventures are already being used by millions of Italians, government bodies and Italy as a whole, was preferred over competing offers submitted by leading consultancies and information service companies. This victory confirms the company’s position as the leading provider of integrated innovative technology solutions, offering top-level expertise in high value-added consulting.
This contract will lead to major new welfare e-service provisions:
· A new INPS portal.
· Citizen services (Pension applications over the Net, on-line bill payment).
· Corporate services.
· Integration with Europe-wide welfare provision.
One project that is up and running is “Pension applications over the Net”, which Finsiel developed under an earlier contract. This project implements an approach targeted at improving co-operation between welfare organisations, significantly reducing paper trails, and enabling more rapid data entry and faster applications settlement.
By winning this contract Finsiel is building upon its profitable partnership with INPS, working to create more modern and streamlined client handling relationships.