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Netikos: New Content Management System for Sonera of Finland

12/23/2002 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia Group Wireless Internet service and product specialist company NETikos has finished building a personalized content management system based on the LiteWeb platform for Finland’s number one wireless operator Sonera.
By leveraging LiteWeb’s standards and the system’s many personalization options, Sonera is soon to roll out advanced new services to its customers as part of its constantly and rapidly evolving wireless Internet offerings.
Services are available either from mobile phones or via the Internet. LiteWeb can be used to send MMS and SMS messages from mobile phones to personal Web pages, where content may easily be organized (photographs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, etc.) into folders before being forwarded from PCs to Web albums.
LiteWeb is an ideal basic building block for both carrier and service provider 3G wireless platforms.

NETikos overview
The NETikos Group – based in Rome, with offices in Pisa, Helsinki, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago – was set up by Telecom Italia to cater to increasing demand for wireless Internet solutions. NETikos’s strategic objective is to serve as a one-stop shop partner for all wireless Internet needs, enabling companies, institutions and end-users to leverage wireless applications, maintain a constant online presence and enhance efficiency. NETikos – €18.8m turnover in 2001– is aiming to be a wireless Internet leader by offering professional services, value added solutions and innovative products. More than 230 skilled and experienced professionals make NETikos the ideal partner for implementing 2.5G and 3G Internet and wireless solution convergence.