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The new Luna Rossa en route to Spain

03/02/2006 - 12:00 PM

Valencia, 2 March 2006 - Today at 3 p.m. Luna Rossa ITA 86 left the boatyard in Nembro (Bergamo, Italy) and started her transfer to Valencia, Spain, where Luna Rossa’s configuration will be finalized with the fitting of the mast and appendages. Then the first fine tuning test will take place.
The hull will travel to Livorno and then reach Spain via ship. Luna Rossa’s arrival at the base is expected in the first part of next week.
The construction of Luna Rossa at the Persico Nautical Division yard has been carried out by a 28-person Team Luna Rossa staff supervised by Kiwi Director Richard Gillies and Logistics Manager Antonio Marrai. This morning Gillies stated: “I am very satisfied and curious about getting on board and trying her out. Today we concluded the first leg of the race but we are already thinking of the second. Seven months and 25.000 hours of work for the Building Team have gone by since we received the first sketches. Persico and its men have given us great support.”.
The launching will take place in Valencia on the 22nd of March at the new Team Base planned for PRADA and Telecom Italia by Renzo Piano

Valencia, 2 March 2006