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Telecom Italia celebrates World Environment Day 2008

06/05/2008 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia today celebrates World Environment Day 2008, which has as its slogan “Let’s change our habits! in favour of a low carbon emission economy”, and is asking its employees to put a series of initiatives into practice as an experiment.
All are asked to follow a few suggestions that require small actions based on simplicity and good sense, but that with practice can become lifestyles that improve the use of alternative energy sources, waste disposal and consideration for the environment.  These are some of the proposals, to be followed for more than one day by all of us at work and at home:

energy: don’t turn on the lights in rooms illuminated with natural light, don’t forget to turn off computers and photocopiers, dress “lighter”; to enhance the functioning of air-conditioners use curtains and don’t open windows.

emissions into the atmosphere: use public transport or, where possible, a bicycle to go to work; many Telecom Italia offices provide company buses and for 5 June more bus routes have been added.

waste: remember to use differentiated waste collection containers, where they are available, and take advantage of the day to dispose of paper accumulated in your cabinets which will be re-cycled. Print documents if it is indispensable.


Rome, 5 June 2008