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Telecom Italia to constitute itself as damaged party in security investigation

The legal officers of Telecom Italia have been mandated to undertake all actions necessary against whosoever may have caused damage to the Group

07/19/2008 - 09:30 PM

Telecom Italia states that it has received notification of the conclusion of the investigation, in accordance with article 415 bis c.p.p., regarding the proceedings pending at the Milan court which have as their object the activities of the former Security department then headed by Giuliano Tavaroli.

The Company, in underlining that it is at once the party damaged  by the criminal behaviour attributed to some of the people under investigation, will on the one hand continue in the activity of transparent cooperation with judicial authorities, adopting the opportune defenses, in reference to the Decree Law 231/2001, on the other it will mandate its legal officers to undertake any action necessary against all those that are in any way responsible for the grave material and immaterial damage done to the Group. Telecom Italia will also constitute itself as the civil party in the legal proceedings under way.

Rome, 19 July  2008