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Telecom Italia launches Italy's first corporate programme to promote employees’ non-professional education

The initiative, in line with the values that inspired the recent agreements with the trade unions, will offer 600 university degree places and 3,000 single subject courses for the academic year 2010/2011

12/02/2010 - 11:30 AM

Starting on 15 December Telecom Italia will be launching, as a first in Italy, a corporate initiative to enable its workers develop their non-professional knowledge assets and skills.

In line with the company's aim to continue promoting social dialogue and actively foster the personal growth and development of its employees beyond the workplace, Telecom Italia will be making available 600 university degree places and 3,000 single subject courses for academic year 2010/2011 at the international distance education school UTIU (Università Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno).

Telecom Italia employees can choose the course that best suits their abilities from the Faculties of Economics and Business Management, Law, Engineering (Computing and Management), Psychology, Communication Media and Advertising or Arts. The registration and tuition fees will be covered entirely by Telecom Italia for those students who will be regular with the schedules of the chosen faculty.

The programme has been agreed with the main industry unions - SLC-CGIL, FISTel-CISL and UILCOM-UIL - who will work with Telecom Italia to promote and develop take-up of the initiative.

Franco Bernabè, CEO of Telecom Italia, said: “Inspired by the European Council’s 2000 Lisbon Strategy and specifically by the concept of Life Long Learning, we decided to launch this corporate social responsibility programme which confirms Telecom Italia's commitment to sustainability and its concern for the wellbeing and satisfaction of its employees as individuals who wish to continually extend their horizons and capabilities. We believe this initiative, agreed in conjunction with the trade unions, will play a valuable part in generating positive energies and raising motivation among our people.

Rome, 2 December 2010


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