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Telecom Italia injured party in SIM case, charges already pressed in 2008

03/21/2012 - 04:30 PM

Regarding the charges of offences under D.Lvo 231/2001 served on Telecom Italia today, the Company wishes to specify the following:

1. The charges in question were served on Mr. Marco Patuano in his exclusive position as legal representative of the Company;

2. In the context of this case, the Company, as injured party, brought two lawsuits as early as 2008 and from the outset of the investigations suspended the 14 employees allegedly involved (none of whom served in managerial roles), who are currently facing legal proceedings;

3. Regarding the false SIM cards, the Company has taken incisive action to remedy the situation beginning in 2008;

4. The introduction of special organizational and procedural measures has resulted in the successful elimination of the phenomenon and the recovery of the falsely registered SIM cards;

5. The Company has provided full disclosure of this activity to the market in its annual financial statements.

As injured party, the Company intends to bring civil actions against all of the accused.

Rome, 21 March 2012


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