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Telecom Italia and Officinae Verdi (Unicredit/WWF JV) partnership: offering businesses services to optimise energy costs

Energy savings of up to 15%  thanks to an advanced energy management service

02/24/2015 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia and Officinæ Verdi have joined forces, stipulating a strategic partnership with the aim of integrating the two companies' systems and instruments to offer advanced energy management services enabling businesses to make energy savings of up to 15%.

Telecom Italia and Officinæ Verdi intend to boost development of energy management on the market of the two group's business customers, integrating their respective systems (TI Green® and Mætrics®) used to monitor and control energy efficiency, building automation (energy-saving building management systems) and safety, and developing a platform that takes an open source approach to collect data and native codes from any model and make of meter (energy flow measurement tool) and process it, so as to enable an intelligent management of energy and the company's energy costs.

The package of services offered includes: energy audits, metering & control by means of networks of sensors, alert and ticketing systems, reports/consultancy on energy performance, billing control, special projects with financial solutions and White Certificate management. Customers are provided with a turnkey energy efficiency project, complete with the related economic-financial assessment.

“Issues relating to the rational use of energy, the control of utility costs and the reduction of environmental impact – declared Simone Battiferri Head of Telecom Italia Business - are rapidly changing the approach made by end customers, who are increasingly focused on reducing energy costs, which are today one of the most significant, growing expenses on companies' accounts. In recent years, Telecom Italia has managed to widely rationalise its energy consumption, as is borne out by more than 28 energy efficiency projects approved by the GSE, with the relative issue of White Certificates. As a company that makes innovation its business, we have therefore exported the experience we have built-up, combining the world of energy and environmental sensors with that of Information Technology, developing a platform by which use of any energy resource can be controlled and optimised. We really believe in the partnership with Officinæ Verdi which through the integration of two of the market's most advanced platforms, enables us to provide Telecom Italia and the UniCredit Group customer businesses with a new generation of advanced services and systems for intelligent energy management".

"For us – explained Giovanni Tordi, CEO, Officinæ Verdi – this strategic partnership is an important step in the development of advanced energy management services for companies. In its three years in business, Officinae Verdi, the UniCredit Group Energy Efficiency Company (JV with the WWF), has generated and managed operations in Italy and Europe involving investments in energy efficiency and renewable resources of around 100 million euros, consolidating a strong experience and an integrated approach in key sectors of the real economy:  real estate, infrastructure, mass distribution, manufacturing. Today we are advisors to the European Commission on Smart Cities projects for the development of evolved financial models in the field of energy efficiency. Over the past two years, we have developed Maetrics Advanced®, our multiprotocol platform for 24/7 monitoring of energy, economic and financial parameters relating to investments in the energy sector; an advanced system that allows significant results to be pursued for customers who want to cut operating costs (energy and maintenance), with a set of financial performance indicators designed for investors and banks that want to keep a constant check on the profitability of the energy efficiency operations they finance. As part of the partnership, Officinæ Verdi will also be responsible for developing investment plans in green technologies and managing TEEs (energy efficiency certificates). By integrating our skills with Telecom Italia– concluded Tordi - we can now offer a package of high added value services unique to Italy”.

Rome, 24 February 2015


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