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Telecom Italia: CEO Flavio Cattaneo meets the Trade Unions for the first time. The aim is to pursue efficiency, continuing to invest for the Country

The company is experiencing a major turnaround, rich in opportunities that must be grasped in the interests of all the workers

04/28/2016 - 07:28 PM

Today was the first meeting of the Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Italia, Flavio Cattaneo, with Trade Unions SLC-CGIL, FISTEL-CISL and UILCOM, since his recent appointment.

At the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer emphasised the desire of the management to strengthen the 2016-2018 Business Plan, with additional measures intended to pursue greater efficiency.

TIM confirms the acceleration of its investments in fibre, ready to grasp all the opportunities that will present themselves in this moment of great technological change, also with agreements and collaborations with partners, to press ahead with the maximum dissemination of services and digital content, and to offer the Country the best technologies for ultrabroadband connectivity.

During the meeting, the desire to strengthen collaboration with the market regulators was emphasised, to delineate clear rules and regulations, inside which the company can guarantee maximum transparency for its customers, and operate in a spirit of fair competition with its competitors.

The Chief Executive Officer postponed the analysis of single company departments to future meetings, expressing the hope that the Trade Unions would collaborate fully, to face the new direction that Telecom Italia is taking, a turnaround that will be rich in opportunities that must be grasped in the common interest of all the workers.


Rome, 28 April 2016


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