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TIM with HPE Services Italia has been awarded the Consip tender for the supply of cloud services to the public administration

The 500 million euro contract will speed up the PA digitisation process

07/20/2016 - 06:03 PM

TIM with HPE Services Italia (a part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise), has been awarded the first lot of the tender for the supply of cloud computing services to the Public Administration, called by Consip as part of the Public Connectivity System (SPC). The temporary consortium established, of which TIM is authorised representative, also includes Poste Italiane, Postel and Postecom.

The framework contract, worth 500 million euros, will run for up to 5 years and enable the public administration to access a wide range of cloud services supplied through the TIM and HPE Services Italia data centres present throughout national territory, according to high security standards and in compliance with privacy legislation.

The collaboration between TIM and the consortium partners will successfully speed up the public administration digitisation process and the transition to the cloud, with the aim of offering citizens, businesses and institutions with increasingly evolved services in a secure, efficient manner, benefiting from significant reductions in IT infrastructure management costs.

The contract envisages the supply of cloud computing services in the three types (Infrastructure, Platform and Software) in As A Service mode. More specifically, Infrastructure As A Service includes virtual servers and storage supplied remotely and made available through infrastructures that are prepared for the exclusive use by the administrations (community clouds), such as virtual machine services, virtual data centres, virtual networks and virtual storage and back-up; Platform As A Service regards platforms for the development, testing and start-up of applications; Software As A Service envisages applications for the management and storage of documents in compliance with current legislation, in addition to collaboration services, individual productivity, unified communication (audio and video conference, messages and presence), data analysis and reports. Finally, in order to facilitate the PA “cloud transformation” processes, Cloud Enabling services will be available, including support in making physical infrastructures virtual under the scope of the private data processing centres of the public administration and the design and configuration of virtual private cloud and virtual data centre solutions.


Rome, 20 July  2016


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