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TIM: Francesco Micheli steps down as Head of HR

11/30/2017 - 02:23 PM

TIM announces that Francesco Micheli, Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development and the Special Projects of the Group, is leaving the company as of 11 December 2017 to undertake new projects.

The severance indemnity for Mr Micheli upon termination of his employment, defined according to the relevant company rules and practices, represented a minor transaction with a related party (insofar as he is a manager with strategic responsibilities).

Mr Agostino Nuzzolo, General Counsel of the Company, will assume temporary responsibility for the Human Resources & Organizational Development Department.

 “We thank Mr Micheli for his commitment and extensive professional contribution to TIM,” said Amos Genish, Chief Executive Officer of TIM.

Neither Francesco Micheli nor Agostino Nuzzolo own any TIM shares.


Rome, 30 November 2017


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