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TIM speeds up UBB coverage in “market failure” areas

No impact from the outcome of the Infratel tender competition

01/24/2017 - 06:50 PM

TIM acknowledges the provisional attribution of the scores for the Infratel tender , the technical side of which was examined in just a few days by the Commission; at present better offers than its own are thought to have been received, despite -  according to press rumours -  the Commission itself has detected anomalous aspects.

It should be recalled that this tender competition concerned the creation of a public network with public investments in “market failure” areas, such as rural or sparsely populated areas. Areas in which TIM owns  a network and where in any case the Company will intervene  selectively with its own fixed and mobile ultrabroadband coverage, offering its customers maximum quality in the shortest time possible.

The results of the tender competition  do not have any impact from an operational or strategic perspective or on the market positioning of the Company which confirms its targets and will speed up its investment plan to cover the entire country in a very short time.

TIM confirms its leadership in terms of technology, infrastructure and quality, as the Company will increasingly  demonstrate and consolidate.


Rome, 24 January 2017


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