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TIM: clarification on press speculation

06/11/2017 - 12:47 PM

With regard to press rumors, TIM points out that it has never even evaluated or discussed participation with third parties to the Serie A rights tender, given also the fact that tender did include digital packages.

The company has repeatedly reiterated in recent months, even directly to Infront's CEO, that digital packages, as they were structured from the point of view of offer and costs, were not interesting for TIM. Results of the tender confirmed that request was excessive.

The company also remembers that it has repeatedly expressed its interest in sport rights with a view of economic sustainability - taking into consideraton not only costs of rights, but also of production and distribution, among others - and in line with the country's ultrabroadband coverage, which is 65% today.

Different speculations are therefore fantasy and TIM will safeguard its interests in the most appropriate locations.

Rome, 11 June 2017


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