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09/24/2018 - 08:42 PM

TIM’s Board of Directors met today and undertook further analysis of the opportunities to invest in assets and dismiss non-core assets following the deliberations taken on 24 July; these options will in any case be subject to further discussions and subsequent decisions.


The Board of Directors also completed a project for an overall update of the Group’s corporate governance rules. Specifically, it agreed to introduce a revised version of the self-discipline Principles, along with a new set of regulations for the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directos acknowledged the new organisational structure resulting from the abolition of the Chief Commercial Officer role and designated two key manager roles: the Director of the Chief Business & Top Clients Office (Lorenzo Forina); and the Director of the Chief Consumer & Small Enterprise Office (Stefano Azzi). The curricula of Mr Azzi (who ows 9,176 TIM shares) and Mr Forina (who does not currently own any TIM shares) are attached to this press release.


Rome, 24 September 2018


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Curriculum Vitae Azzi Stefano

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Curriculum Vitae Forina Lorenzo

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