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TIM rewards the winners of ‘Smart Spaces Hackathon,’ the marathon to design new smart spaces

Initiative developed in collaboration with Google Cloud and Codemotion

The five winning teams were awarded a prize worth an equivalent value of 5000 euros each. In addition, three special mentions for inclusion, sustainability and social issues were also given

07/23/2020 - 03:00 PM

After successfully attracting high levels of participation with over 100 projects from all over Italy, the ‘Smart Spaces Hackathon’ award ceremony was held today to celebrate TIM’s innovation marathon launched at the start of July in collaboration with Google Cloud and Codemotion, which involved the entire Innovation community throughout the country. On this occasion, TIM Digital Business Platform was enhanced, a significant first Group’s step towards the new Telco as a Service (TaaS) model, which aims to enable the digital transformation of our customers, ensuring a better Time to Market not achievable with traditional approaches.

Startups, software developers, digital designers, business experts put themselves to the test by designing innovative services in 5 areas (Home, Office, Public Spaces, Retail, Care Residence), seeking to improve the places we live, work and meet in and using the most modern technologies of robotics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things made available by the new TIM Digital Business Platform and Google Cloud Platform.

The five winning teams (Red Care, Hollie, BBetter, ArtBeat, Jammed), selected by a panel of professionals from TIM and Google Cloud, received a prize worth an equivalent value of 5000 euros each and have the possibility of collaborating with TIM to develop their projects. Three special Mentions: Inclusion, Sustainability and Social were also awarded respectively to the teams (Myloh, BBetter, Almond) for their skill in enhancing the fundamental themes of TIM and Google Cloud’s vision on innovation, which is the focus of the recent technological partnership entered into by the two Groups.

The award ceremony was attended by TIM’s CEO, Luigi Gubitosi and Elisabetta Romano, Chief Innovation & Partnership Officer.

The ‘Smart Spaces Hackathon’ intended to encourage the possibility of developing business opportunities capable of adding value to TIM’s technological assets and enriching the digital services offering through the design of smart spaces, paying particular attention to new scenarios linked to the discontinuities introduced by the COVID emergency. The initiative is part of the activities of TIM WCAP, the Group’s open innovation programme for startups and SMEs. Launched in 2009, the programme is now increasingly geared towards promoting business initiatives to enrich TIM’s digital services offering.


Rome, 23 July 2020


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