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TIM: Shareholders' Meeting called for 31 March

Work is continuing for the presentation of a slate for the renewal of the board of directors

02/18/2021 - 06:30 PM

TIM's Board of Directors, which met today under the chairmanship of Salvatore Rossi, has called a Shareholders' Meeting for 31 March 2021 (single call). The Shareholders' Meeting will be held in compliance with the exceptional regulations aimed at mitigating the risk of infection in relation to the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency. 

As was the case last year, shareholders may participate solely through the representative designated by the Company, identified as Studio Legale Trevisan & Associati in Milan: votes may be cast independently, before the Shareholders' Meeting, by post or electronically. All details on the exercise of shareholders’ rights will be set out in the call notice, which is being published.

The Shareholders' Meeting is called to resolve on:

-        the financial statements and allocation of profit for the year;

-        the report on the policy regarding remuneration and fees paid, both sections;

-        the appointment of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Statutory Auditors, with all related additional resolutions.

The Board of Directors has also approved the reports on the renewal of the company bodies and the report on corporate governance and share ownership (being published on the Company website The remaining documentation on financial and non-financial information, the report on the policy regarding remuneration and fees paid and the related resolution proposals will be examined at the meeting on 23 February 2021, which will also approve the slate by the outgoing Board of Directors for the renewal of the board (in addition to the 2021-2023 strategic plan).

In the meantime, work has continued for the presentation of the slate as per the procedure approved on 20 January (available for consultation here).


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